This manual describes the procedure to install Rocscience Software Suite connected to the UPC academic license.

The license server can be reached if you are connected to the UPC Network (both cable and wireless connection). If you are connecting from abroad, first you need to set up and connect the remote connection, service called UPCLink, following these instructions.

First you have to download the installation file from this link. Once you downloaded it, extract the zip file and access to the folder 'Step 2 - Rocscience Software Suite'. Inside this folder there is the file rss1082j11s.exe, that you have to execute.

It will pop up the following window:

Press the Next button, then in the next window press Yes. Then you will see a window, where you will be able to chose where to install the program, you can leave as it is and just click the Next button, the window will look like the following picture: Then it will ask which features you want to install, all of them are selected as default so you can just click the Next button. The installation process will start by installing the different components your computer needs for the program's functionation. Click Next whenever it is asked until the window showed in the next picture: Click the Finish button, the window will close as the installation will have finished and it will open a new one in the File Explorer showing the different folders of the program, one for each feature.

If your computer is not connected to a UPC network you will have to connect the UPCLink Service now.

Go to the Rocsience folder and select the Sentinel Admin Control Center as shown in the following picture:

In the left pane click on Configuration and then select the Access to Remote License Managers tab. Check the Allow Access to Remote Licenses and the Broadcast Search for Remote Licenses checkboxs. And type on the Remote License Search Parameters field. Finally press the Submit button.

In the left pane click on Products. If a license has been found, you will see the license in the product list. It might take a few minutes for the license server to show up. The product list has to look like this:

Once you see it, you will be able to use the software included in the Rockscience package.

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